Invaluable Harm Reduction

The occurence of Harm continues unabated across the planet.

Publicly-available remedies are anything but adequate.

They do however exist within private-client circles.

There, with expediency, they can resolve even the most troubled of situations.

They would however serve far wider needs in the public domain.

This facility is a part of a personal Legacy initiative.

The initiative is the brainchild of a highly-specialist Consultant.

Nearing his eightieth year, his focus is on the wider aim.

Priority is to precipitate the needed infrastructure.

Whilst much of the foundational facilities exist, more are needed.

Imperative are the £-resources for a formal infrastructure.

Also, the personnel to ensure delivery and continuity.

The intention is to enable Harm-reductions across the spectrum of related issues.

This is entirely feasible by the application of highly-specialist help.

The entirety of the help is reliant on Core understandings.

Although rarely recognized as such, they are the most-reliable information in existence.

Combinations of it cover the spectrum of Man-caused issues, and beyond.

In deeply troubled times, the output is simply invaluable.

The perceived, or real, threats of AI (Artificial Intellegence) has increased the need overall.

With 'Social Media' being pressed to help to protect the vulnerable and...

Governments wrestling with the related issues, something more is needed.

Not-only has the plan been to help to resolve 'real-world' issues across the spectrum.

It is self-evident to the Founder that another focussed module is needed.

This, in the form of an AI service dedicated to solving Life-harm issues.

This additional service is both in the planning and evolving stages by the Founder.

The next stage will be to enable it to be embedded into AI services.

Collaborations with the relevant ITC sectors being an obvious ideal.

Regardless of the level of responses and resources that are forthcoming in time...

Practical delivery will be implemented, subject only to timing.


An initial Introduction can be found at: 'Derek'.